With its "Tatwerk" initiative, 3We supports interesting products in their marketing endeavours, offering an overall concept, logo development, an image film a web presence or the creation of a complete corporate design. Associations or charities, companies at a critical threshold or firms facing a major realignment can apply.

The criterion for 3We to become involved free of charge is the value of the project for the Bruchsal region – its people, its environment, its future ...

Extract from the list of projects supported

logo herz-bruchsal








SME prize for social involvement

Within the "Mittelstand" (SMEs) Award, 3We and its "Tatwerk" initiative were commended by Caritas and the Ministry for Finances and Business in Baden-Württemberg as being "socially involved", as it had already been in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Die 3We GmbH aus Bruchsal ist Sozial Engagiert 2018 und erhält den Mittelstandspreis.
Sozial Engagiert: LEA 2018(PDF, 152.96 kB)