zeozweifrei-unterwegs 3We Gmbh

With the "zeozweifrei unterwegs" e-carsharing project, 3We is showing its commitment to the region and the environment. 3We has set up an e-carsharing station, with its own electric car and double charging point, outside the office in the centre of Bruchsal.

This means that 3We staff can drive to clients CO2-free using 100% eco-power. The rest of the time, the electric car is available for anyone to use on a carsharing basis. Visit e-carsharing.wfg-bruchsal.de to learn more about this project, which is subsidised by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Certificate zeozweifrei of 3We GmbH
Supporter Certificate "zeozweifrei unterwegs" 3We(PDF, 322.38 kB)