Corporate Design

The city of Bruchsal displays diversity and liveliness, conveying an urban, committed, family-friendly image, but in future this will be part of a uniform, sophisticated corporate identity.

Stadt Bruchsal Flyer

A new corporate design was developed based on a joint workshop, the survey of various municipal departmental heads and the analysis of the city’s previous communication image. It conveys diversity and liveliness, whilst simultaneously giving the city’s communication image a compelling presence with a high level of recognition.

The new corporate design was derived from the city of Bruchsal’s existing logo. An essential element of the new CD is a colour concept that taps into the spectral colours and colour-codes the various municipal duties, making for greater ease of orientation.

The CD manual contains binding rules governing the use of corporate design constants for all communication media, such as corporate font, colours, do‘s and don’ts, area identification, graphic style elements, templates and white space. It also provides lots of examples of flexible yet consistent implementation.

Stadt Bruchsal Slideshow Hilfe
Stadt Bruchsal Slideshow Asyl
Stadt Bruchsal Slideshow Corporate
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Stadt Bruchsal Slideshow Flyer

About the city of Bruchsal

The city of Bruchsal is the most densely populated city in the district of Karlsruhe, on the western edge of the Kreichgau. It is the regional centre for the surrounding communities. Bruchsal is famous for having the biggest asparagus market in Europe, for its Baroque palace and the prison.  But Bruchsal is much more than that: a city of pleasure,  a city of culture, local recreation, a family-friendly city, attractive business location and innovation driver.