wisy CMS

With wisy (web information system), the modular CMS-system developed by us, we are offering you a full-fledged, modern and easy to use CMS, that consists of a base package which can be expanded at any time, and, in addition to traditional website maintenance, offers features such as newsletter mailing, creation of online surveys, statistics, forum features, representation of 3D-models on the Internet, and many more.

wisy adheres to a simple guideline: as simple as possible, as comprehensive as necessary; thereby offering novices and advanced CMS users alike all new opportunities to reshape the web and make it more engaging.

Depending on skill levels and requirements, we can offer you your own individual wisy configurations, affording you a highest degree of freedom without being too complex. With the help of the corresponding training courses by our wisy experts, you will quickly be able to maintain and expand your web presence on your own.

If you should not have enough available resources to perform the maintenance of your website on your own, we will gladly offer you our website maintenance services.

If you would like to learn more about wisy, please feel free to visit our wisy Manual, Tutorial and Developer Site at http://wisy.3we.de. There, you will find many additional details of the features, and general information on the wisy CMS.